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100 Movie Icons
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Welcome to 100movieicons! 100movieicons is yet another one of those icon communities where you pick a claim and make 100 icons for it. Theres just one differnce. This community is all about movies! And not just movies, but all the people who have a role in them. This includes actors, actresses, characters, directors, etc! It doesn't matter what the movie or genre, all that matters is that it's a part of the world of cinema. A person makes their claim and then makes 100 icons based on that claim, 50 Themed, and 50 Artist's Choice. Each claim is only allowed to be claimed by one person, but that shouldn't be too hard considering the amount of movies, and each person is allowed up to three claims. By now I bet you're wondering how things will work around here, so let's get down to business, shall we?

-First you join the community with the journal you will be claiming and posting your icons with. It doesn't matter whether or not you are a beginner or "elite" icon maker to join this community. Everyone is welcome! After all, it's about having fun, being creative, and most of all, making icons, so come and join the fun!

-Now that you're a member of the community, check out the claims list and comment here with your claim if it hasn't been snagged yet. Your requested claim will not be approved until you have joined this community. For your convenience, you can use this code to make your icon table.

-Once you have been accepted and given posting access, you will be given three months to complete your claim. If you want to post all 100 icons at one time, that is perfectly all right, just indicate that when you first make your request.

-You are allowed to give up your claim at any time during the three months, just drop your mods a line to let them know at this e-mail address: 100movieicons@gmail.com. When e-mailing to let us know, tell us what you claimed and why you're giving it up. There won't be any hard feelings, after all, there is life outside of the internet, making icons and cinema.

-If you complete your claim within your three month time frame, let us know here. You will be awarded with a banner, and your name with a link to all of your icons will be posted.

1. Join the community before you do anything else!

2. After you've joined, feel free to request a claim at the request post. Follow all of the instructions given to ensure that your claim will be approved.

3. This step make take a few days or more to happen because the mods have lives too. Now that you've made your request, sit back and wait patiently for a mod to come across your request. If it's approved, you will be granted posting access. The day posting access is granted is the day your claim begins. Don't worry if you forget the date, it will be listed on the claims list.

4. Once your claim has been approved, you have three months to complete it. Don't worry if you need additional time or an extension, you can indicate so here. You can post your icons in batches or all at once. Five icons are the minimum per batch and one teaser icon should always be displayed. Also, please let us know which themes (if there are any) that you are filling in each batch posting. Each and every participant will be given a custom banner once their claim is completed. If a claim has been around for six months without being updated, the claim will be thrown back into the pot for others to choose from and there will be no banner given.

5. Listen to the mods, please! If one of us comments on an entry telling you there is something wrong, please listen. If you do not agree, talk to us, let us know what you think. But please do not whine and/or yell. Give examples and valid points. If you do not, the first time you will be warned. The second time, you will be banned from the community.

6. If you need to drop your claim at any time, e-mail the mods. State the journal that has posting access, the claim you have, your starting date and a brief explanation why. If you think you're getting crunched for time, feel free to request an extension. We don't bite!

7. Members are allowed to requests three claims at a time, but please note you still only get three months per claim and that will add to your workload. If you feel the need to drop one of your additional claims after awhile, don't worry, us mods will understand

Each member is to make 100 icons for their claim. That means 50 Themed icons and 50 of your own choice. Don't worry about having the themes on your icons, they're just guidelines to help you create the icons.

01. star
02. premiere
03. drama
04. history
05. romance
06. fantasy
07. music
08. family
09. comedy
10. action

11. red
12. orange
13. yellow
14. green
15. blue
16. indigo
17. violet
18. white
19. black
20. clear

21. happy
22. sad
23. angry
24. determined
25. bored
26. sleepy
27. loved
28. disgusted
29. shy
30. guilty

31. clean
32. think
33. eat
34. achieve
35. read
36. sleep
37. perform
38. imagine
39. believe
40. hide

41. day
42. night
43. hot
44. cold
45. rich
46. poor
47. first
48. last
49. war
50. peace

The rest are your chioce, and you don't even have to label them as anything other then AC for Artist's Choice or simply a number if you don't want to.

snowflakie06 : Owner/Creator Please e-mail any problems, comments, or suggestions related to the community to her.

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Want to link to 100movieicons? All you have to do is create a text link on your website and/or journal and link back to:

http://www.community.livejournal.com/100movieicons or http://www.livejournal.com/~100movieicons

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